Introducing ☆Smartphone/Mobile Futaba☆

Smartphone/Mobile Entrance

☆Smartphone/Mobile Futaba☆, is a bulletin board that can be viewed on smartphones/mobile phones.

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☆Smartphone/Mobile Futaba☆ features

You can view Futaba posts and images on your smartphone/mobile device!
You can post replies with your smartphone/mobile device!

How to access

  1. Access via QR code
QR code that links to
Please scan this QR code with your phone.
When you access Futaba's home page, there is also a QR code on the left-side frame.

  1. Enter the address directly
On your smartphone/mobile device, please enter
into the URL input field of your browser.

  1. Search
Screenshot demonstrating the term '携帯ふたば' (Mobile Futaba) being entered into an internet search engine
Please search for "Mobile Futaba" (携帯ふたば).