Futaba☆Channel's Terms of Use

Futaba☆Channel generally prohibits the following content:


Regarding use from outside Japan:

The Terms of Use will be modified when necessary.

Modified on 2010/7/7
Modified on 2010/7/31 – 2D Guro Alt added
Modified on 2010/8/25 – Prohibit political content on 2D Alt (Nijiura dec)
Modified on 2013/6/22 – Regarding off-topic
Modified on 2013/8/18 – Reworded the section regarding exceptions
Modified on 2014/8/19 – Reworded the section regarding obscene images and uncensored images
Modified on 2018/5/25 – Regarding use from outside Japan
Modified on 2019/7/31 – Regarding the Religion board
Modified on 2019/8/4 – Regarding the Moon Jae-in and Shinzo Abe boards
Modified on 2020/10/23 – Regarding the Yoshihide Suga board
Modified on 2020/11/29 – Regarding off-topic