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What's here?

We are distributing the scripts used on Futaba.


LetsPHP! (レッツPHP!) This is a modified version of the gazou.php imageboard.

Threads, age/sage, 2ch tripcodes, IDs, thumbnails, display HTML cache, proxy port scanning, etc.
(There is no delete all button or oekaki BBS)
(Updated on 2005/10/31)
Installation method:
Set the permissions on the desired directory to 777.
Create a src directory and a thumb directory and set permissions to 777.
Place futaba.php and call it from your browser (it will automatically generate the necessary files).
[Config example] The permissions values that need to be set are wrapped in parentheses.
/public_html/  (home page directory)
    |-- /futaba/ (777)  (desired directory)
            |-- futaba.php (644)  cgi (755)
            |-- /src/ (777)
            |-- /thumb/ (777)
Please note:
The distribution license is the same as in LetsPHP! (レッツPHP!). Please feel free to modify or redistribute it.
Please do not send your questions regarding this script to LetsPHP! (レッツPHP!).
The latest version is available at (this page).
If you have any questions, please post them on the Preperation board.
For JPEG and PNG thumbnails, use GD.
gif2png is no longer included. If you need it, please extract it from older versions.
A MySQL version is also available (as a reference).
Known issues:
2002/12/23 Initial release
2002/12/29 Small fix
2002/12/30 Fixed problem with non-multibyte character code environment
2003/01/01 Fixed a problem where it didn't work without GD. Fixed a problem where it didn't work in safe mode
2003/01/03 Fixed problem with apache2.0.x not working. Fixed the problem that caused "next page" to sometimes disappear
2003/01/04 Fixed an issue causing strange colors in GD2.0.x and GD included in php4.3.x. Fixed an issue causing unwanted artifacts in the thumbnails
2003/01/04 Fixed an issue that caused it to not work on Windows
2003/01/05 Small fix
2003/01/28 Fixed cookies. Slightly faster.
2003/02/22 Slightly faster.
2003/03/09 Fixed a problem causing AN HTTP + php(sapi) to not work.
2003/03/14 Fixed an issue with Apache2 + php4.2.x causing thumbnails to not be created.
2003/03/15 Fixed an issue with GD1.x + php4.1.x causing thumbnails to not be created.
2003/10/15 Renamed the script. Fixed a problem causing apache2 + php(cgi version) to sometimes not work.
2004/10/30 Fixed an issue where NOTICE appears when there are undefined variables. Changed it so that images can be attached to replies.
2004/11/07 There was still a problem with NOTICE appearing on initialization.
2005/10/31 Fixed a problem with variables being overwritten.

Image counter

It spits out a PNG.
Example output of the counter


Lunar calendar calculation PHP script (sample)

This a PHP port of the Perl version of the lunar calendar calculation library.
This sample calculates the lunar calendar (Lunisolar calendar; Tenpo calendar) date from a Western calendar (Gregorian calendar) using the lunar calendar calculation library.
Enter the date you want to calculate in the boxes below then click the "Calculate" button.

* Please use 4 digits when entering the year.

Example of usage

Zurbon-style uploader

A no-frills uploader. It spits out HTML. Limited functionality.

2003/03/02 up.php is made public
2003/04/18 Fixed xdd in up.php
2003/04/26 Fixed handling of large files

Self-serving watchtower

A Perl script that pings multiple servers and displays the results.
Doesn't work without Net::Ping.
I'd like to rebuild it in PHP at some point.

2001/11/07 ping.cgi is made public